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Special Effects Engineers

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Consultant FX and Providing Pyrotechnics, Special Effects and Creating Illusionary Techniques.
We don't make the illusions, we make the illusions better!

Zigmont Magic F/X Special Effects Engineers offers a wide range of services for Theater Productions, Television, Trade Shows, Industrial Shows, Corporate Conventions, Resort Hotel Shows, Theme Park Productions and Live Entertainment Shows. To his credit Zigmont has worked with well over a 100 different major scale illusions. We can add pizzazz to any show design with our theme illusion shows. We can magically appear or vanish any large object such as a car or a boat on stage or at a convention. We provide the physical realization of your imagination and story board ideas.
Also offering full scale Pyrotechnics show for a nitro start-up or high octane end of an event. Pyro shows can stand alone or can be mixed with illusions.

  • Pyrotechnic Displays
  • Snow Displays
  • Technical Advisor
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Illusion Development
  • Rental of F/X Equipment

    Enter into a new realm of expression and visualization with a signature piece in the form of a specialized custom illusion with unique lighting techniques, special effects and pyrotechnics. A customized Illusion or Pyrotechnic display can be designed in the form of a logo, product, or themed message.

    Snow- We can make it Snow realistically indoors quietly (with UV snow option) on a stage, in a ballroom or an entire theater. Our system will stay in the air 4 times longer than any other System and that means 4 times more volume in the air. Plus we can produce realistic looking snow for set pieces and to lie on the ground that will last for hours and will disappear without a mess.

    Smoke Rings- You could Blow Rings of Smoke overhead of you target audience for a mystical mood enhancer.

    Confetti- We Can Blow Festive Confetti over a crowd or create ground covering smoke to create a special effect to surprise and delight your guests.

  • Technical Direction:

    Specify Technical Requirements
    Organize Projects and Support Teams
    Supervise Technical System Vendors
    Personal Advisor
    Pyrotechnic Show Designs

    Engineering Services:

    Illusion Design and Problem Analysis
    Illusion Development - Concept To Delivery
    Feasibility Planning and Planning Studies

    Stage Production:

    Custom Illusion show installation
    Illusion Stage Management Staffing
    Support Teams Training and Consulting
    Illusion Consultant
    Refinishing and Restoration of Illusions
    Themed Sets To Match Illusions
    F/X Lighting

    Special Effects:
    Pyrotechnics Ground and Aerial Displays
    Indoor Zero Fallout Pyro (class "C" 1.4G Explosives)
    Stadium Pyro Displays 1.3G Explosives
    Outdoor (class "C") Low Level
    Snow indoors
    Smoke Rings
    Propane Flames
    Confetti systems
    Aerial Smoke and Snow Effects
    Cooled Low Lying Smoke Effects
    Piped Co2 & Cryogenics Effects
    Venturi Booster Smoke Effects
    Hollywood Flame and Fire Effects
    Gale Force Fans

    World Championship  Wrestling Monday Nitro's Live


    Zigmont has worked with CNN-Turner Sports / World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to create the visual illusion of a mid ring /mid stadium vanish of a professional wrestler in a flurry of smoke on Monday Nitro's Live TNT broadcast. Watch all new programs from August 17th to Oct 19th and PPV Oct 25, 1998 from Las Vegas. This included 9 Monday Nitros and 2 pay per-views.
    Zigmonts' execution of the disappearances and reappearances for "Warrior" around the stadium was the rebirth of this superhero wrestler back into the wrestling world. Zigmont used a gale force cryogenics smoke system and illusionary devices to accomplish the task. The photos below are of Hollywood Hogan as the Warrior appears in the center ring.

    The Warrior has literally vaporized before the crowd eyes
    Quotes from the live WCW announcers;

    "In one of the most mind boggling and incredible displays that we have witnessed on this program, the Warrior has literally vaporized before our eyes.

    I've never seen anything like this in my life."

    Zigmont's special effects broke cable TV Shares record "Moments ago this was the ending to what I consider a defining moment in the history of professional wrestling." "The warrior came out and in a flurry literally evaporated." "It was the last thing we expected."

    "There has never been anything like this in our sport."

    In the second week of Zigmont's special effects appearing on Nitro, he managed to brake the cable TV Shares record by having 7.2 viewers watch and wait as the Warrior Appeared and Disappeared using cryogenics, pyro and illusionary gear.

    Illusions We've Designed, Have Built and Staged for Past Clients:

    Jeep Levitation/Mid Air Vanish
    Mermaid To Shark Illusion
    Genii Bottle Appearance Of a Girl
    Giant Tulip Flower Vanish of a Girl
    Mid Audience Co2 Reappearance
    Laser Cannon Dematerialization
    Laser Clear Cylinder Materialization
    Water Fountain Levitation
    Girl From Fire Dome
    Laser Sawing
    Smoky Dice box Appearance Illusion
    Laser Tightrope Walk - A Night Magic first as seen in Siegfried and Roy's road show
    Laser Tightrope Walk Portable
    JukeBox Appearance
    Pearl and Clam Illusion
    Laser Image Flashappear
    Mascot Moth Vanish Midstage - as seen in S&R show & Doug Henning Broadway show Merlin.
    Macaw Parrot To Girl
    Sword Thru Body
    Sword Basket with monkey exchange
    Girl In Clear Plastic Drum Appear
    Kiosk Cougar Illusion
    Appearance person in empty Crates
    Mirror Image Appearance
    Elevator Devices
    Crystal Ball Appearance
    Wakeling's A lady Divided
    Aqua Cell Escape
    Costume Trunk
    Organ Pipes Appearance
    Organ Player Disappearance
    Impaled With a New Feature
    Floating Pearl
    Water From Finger Tip

    Reno Hitlon Night Magic opening set rendering
    The Reno Hitlon Night Magic opening set rendering and photo of the scene live on stage. The doorway opens and closes fast for the appearance of the magician. The illusion is center stage hanging in mid air. The door it self is not used as the system for the appearance as it flies in from the light grid. The appearance is a fast system that allows the rapid movement of a person all done without any visible props. The disc is a screen for a laser to spell out the credits and titles of the show.

    The Jeep Levitation illusion
    The Jeep Levitation at the start of the scene. You can see the Juke box in this 50's scene in Night Magic in 1988.

    transported from the jeep to the Jukebox illusion. The Jukebox is shown empty. The car vanishes and she is transported from the jeep to the Jukebox.

    jeep levitation illusion in midair about to be vanished
    The jeep levitation in midair about to be vanished. The jeep has a girl at the drivers seat, she too disapears with the jeep only to be conjured up in the Juke box instantly.

    Shark for Mermaid to Shark illusion
    The Shark for Mermaid to Shark started as 300 pound of clay.

    Shark Tank for Night Magic illusion
    The Mermaid to Shark Tank for Night Magic.The tank held 900 gallons of water, the total weight was close to 4 tons. It moved thru the sets on tracks. Here the shark is being installed.We were the first to use a bubble curtain as cover for the exchange.

    genii bottle illusion for South America Pop Rock group
    The Lost ark with a genii bottle inside. The bottle plums smokes. The interior fills with smoke. Now the bottle is gone and in it's place is a genii Girl.This was for a South America Pop Rock group called "Felicidades" for their world tour. Their record label name is "Love For the Children, INC."

    rendering and photo of the Genii Bottle illusion
    The rendering and photo of the Genii Bottle illusion.

    Gaint Tulip Illusion built for Felicidades
    The Gaint Tulip Illusion built for Felicidades. This illusion has the pedal of the tulip opening to allow a girl to enter. It closes and reopens to find that the girl has vanished,leaving only a firefly inside.

    laser cannon illusion
    The laser cannon that shoots a girl to the receiving Cylinder. A 10 watt laser shoots out of the front to the Cylinder hanging over the audience.
    The door was opened automatically as the girl enters and to show that she was gone.

    close up look at the cannon illusion backstage A close up look at the cannon backstage. You can also see the Kisok illusion, the controler for the laser cannon and a lady to lion cage in the background.

    laser Cannon illusion shoots the girl over the audience to the Laser Cylinder
    The laser Cannon shoots the girl over the audience to the Laser Cylinder. The Cylinder Receiver used a laser curtain to cover the re-appearance.

    closer look at the detail of this illusion
    A closer look at the detail of this illusion.The laser was aimed at a center mirror spinning at 1400rpm to create the laser curtain. This photo shows the illusion even with the seating. The photo below shows the illusion hanging over the audience.

    A rendering of the Laser Cylinder Illusion
    A rendering of the Illusion.

    Jukebox illusion
    The Jukebox Illusion is used in conjunction with the Jeep Vanish. The Jukebox front is a reconditioned 1950's model. This model had two types of load systems

    Water Fountain levitation illusion and the Clam or sea shell
    The Water Fountain levitation and the Clam or sea shell shown here was use togther with a floating pearl. The Floating Pearl floats into the shell/clam and changed into the girl that is levitated on the water fountain levitation.

    Smoky Dice box Appearance illusion
    The Smoky Dice box Appearance Illusion was an original design from us, for the self contained production of a person.The top dice is placed on the table and the illusion included Spielburg style lights coming from the self opening box along with on board smoke sporing from the box. The illusion has on board lighting to illuminate under the table so the stage lighting can be some what darker and dramatic, while still being able to see the illusion clearly.

    Parrot To Girl Illusion
    The Parrot To Girl Illusion. Now a Standard illusion in the magic world. It was first designed with us and created for Night Magic in 1988. This illusion is now seen in several top illusion shows world wide.

    Arabian Nights scene from Night Magic
    The Arabian Nights scene from Night Magic. The rendering and photo of the Arabian set. You can see the Parrot To Girl Illusion. I produced the set and the illusions on the Night Magic Project.

    Fire Appearance illusion still in workshop
    The Fire Appearance illusion still in workshop. The plastic housing is removed the dancers torch the table top. The plastic housing is placed back on cover for an instant. A girl appears in place of the fire.
    What a sweet base!